There is NO SUCH THING as “full coverage” on your car insurance

From a billboard in Oklahoma - I'm not sure what the advertising laws are there, 
but this is very misleading.

By Doug Newman

I don’t know where the phrase “full coverage” came from. 

Please just know that there is no such thing.

You are only covered by the stated coverage limits on your policy. And once you exhaust these limits, your insurance company walks away, and you are on your own.

At that point, if you are at fault, you can be sued personally.

You could wind up giving your house to this guy.


And if you don't have a house, your wages could be garnished for years.

This applies even if you are not at fault. NEVER PLAY GAMES with your uninsured and underinsured motorists’ coverage (UM/UIM). UM/UIM pays should an uninsured or insufficiently insured driver hit you. The higher the liability limits you carry, the more UM/UIM will be available for you and your family.

And, no, everyone under your roof is not automatically covered. They must be either listed as a driver or specifically excluded.

And, if you want to drive ride share or do deliveries, these are not automatically covered. These activities need to be indicated by endorsement on your policy.

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