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Why can’t I "just email a quote?"

  Credit: The other day, after leaving a voicemail with a potential client, I got the following email. “Can you email me your offer?” I think it’s important to know that my potential client holds a Ph.D. and is an engineer for a major local technology firm. He is also married with 3 children and recently purchased a very nice home in an upper-middle-class suburb. He has a lot to protect. I left him a voicemail and then sent him the following email. Thank you very much for considering me as your insurance professional. I just left a voicemail. Please know that I don’t just spin out quotes. Insurance is like anything else: you get what you pay for. If it’s cheap, it’s cheap for a reason. Before I go to price with any of my clients, I have a thorough discussion of current as well as recommended coverage. Nobody “plans” on a serious claim. However, these things do happen. If you should ever have a serious claim, and you don’t have the proper coverage it could be