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Five things to do when you switch insurance carriers

So, you’ve kicked your old insurance company to the curb, and you’re all jazzed up about your new carrier. Here are 5 things to do as soon as you have made this change. The absolute FIRST THING you need to do – and do IMMEDIATELY – is to put a paper hard copy of proof of your new insurance in your glove box(es). You ABSOLUTELY NEVER want to just have a digital copy on your phone. For more information, please go here . Then you want to install your new carrier’s app on your phone. Your agent might be the greatest guy in the world – I’d like to meet him some time – but there are several reasons you’ll want to have direct access to your carrier. For more information, please go here . With this in mind, you will also want to store your carrier’s claims and service numbers in your contact list. For more information on points 2 & 3, please go here . If you have opted for a tracking app to monitor your driving habits , you will want to download that app to your phone. And, finally,

The Kentucky tornadoes should prompt EVERYONE to review their home and renter’s insurance

I advertise my business almost every day on LinkedIn . Once every few weeks, I tell everyone that we in the insurance industry cannot stop the storms of life. However, if we do our job properly, we can do a lot to soften the financial blow.   By now, you’ve probably all seen photos and videos of Saturday night’s horrific tornadoes which devastated a six-state area. The most intense damage was inflicted on the town of Mayfield, population 10,000, in western Kentucky. Mayfield, KY. Credit .   If this doesn’t make you want to review your homeowner’s and renter’s coverage, I don’t know what will.   Insurance is not fast food, so don’t treat it that way. NEVER just get a quote and bind your coverage online . Have a real live professional agent review every line of coverage on your current policies and make sure that, should disaster strike, you have no additional unpleasant surprises.   As a colleague likes to say, don’t let a bad day turn into a bad life.   H