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Why landlords NEED to require that their tenants carry renter's insurance

Credit: Do you have tenants? Then you NEED to require that they carry renter's insurance. And you also need to require proof in the form of a declaration sheet before they move in. It doesn't matter if your tenant is your best friend or your significant other. If they are a non-family member the chances are overwhelming that your insurance policy WILL NOT cover them in the event of a claim. Renter's insurance protects both of you. In the event of a theft or fire claim, renter's insurance can replace their belongings. But it goes far beyond theft. If, say, a fire or a burst pipe makes your premises unlivable for a time, renter's insurance can step in and pay for their rent.  If your tenant has a guest over and that guest, for example, slips and falls on an ice cube on the kitchen floor, renter's insurance can help with the medical bills. And, God forbid, your tenant is accused of starting a fire, your home or landlord insurance may not pay

Colorado's Marshall Fire should prompt EVERYONE to review their insurance

On December 30, 2021, the Marshall fire roared through the Denver suburb of Louisville as well as neighboring communities. It destroyed an estimated 1000 homes and was the most costly fire in Colorado's history. Even if you don't live here, you've probably seen the photos and videos. Here are some heartbreaking photos courtesy of Al-Jazeera , based in Doha, Qatar. Credit: Denver Post If this doesn’t make you want to review your homeowner’s and renter’s coverage, I don’t know what will.   Insurance is not fast food, so don’t treat it that way.  NEVER just get a quote and bind your coverage online . Have a real live professional agent review every line of coverage on your current policies and make sure that, should disaster strike, you have no additional unpleasant surprises.   As a colleague likes to say, don’t let a bad day turn into a bad life.   Here are just a few topics you should discuss:   What will it cost to rebuild your house in the event of a total loss? Will yo