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Two things realtors and mortgage lenders ABSOLUTELY NEED to know about insurance

Credit: I write this just after my beloved Duke Blue Devils outlasted an incredibly valiant effort by Michigan State in the NCAA basketball tournament. On a great team, every player has a role and must strive for perfection in executing the duties associated with that role. A successful real estate transaction is quite similar: it is a team effort where everyone has a role and must strive for perfection in executing their respective duties. This includes the realtor, the mortgage lender, the insurance agent, the inspector, the appraiser, and the title professional. With this in mind, there are two things every realtor and mortgage lender ABSOLUTELY NEED to know about insurance. 1) It is imperative that the insurance agent talk directly to the client . There are certain conversations that the agent needs to have with the client. Just like the realtor and mortgage lender, the insurance agent is uniquely equipped to have these specific conversation

Business Owners: Let a Professional Shop for Your Insurance

Credit: US Chamber of Commerce It’s an inspiring story. I recently talked to a woman who had come here from an impoverished Third World country. She and her husband, also a native of that country, both lost their jobs as a result of the economic upheavals of the last two years. Undaunted, they opened a car detailing shop here in Aurora. I was out visiting some local businesses on a recent morning when I stopped by theirs. She said she was shopping online for commercial insurance and was very confused and frustrated. I told her there was a better way: let an industry professional do the shopping. Not only can such a professional do the shopping and explore numerous carriers, but they can also walk you through the terminology and let you know what this terminology means to you. For more information about shopping for business insurance the right way, please click here. My team and I look forward to serving you. Doug Newman 720-675-8119 30+ carriers ... 44 states Auto-ho