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Important Insurance Update for Realtors and Mortgage Lenders

Credit:  Please be advised of some  major changes in the insurance world. Waiting until the last minute to set up insurance is never a good idea, even in the best of times. However, because of recent changes in the insurance marketplace , please advise your clients to begin the insurance process  i mmediately after the house goes under contract. ·       Several carriers have suspended operations across entire states . ·       Other carriers are tightening their underwriting standards and adding additional binding requirements. ·       These things are  prolonging the insurance process. ·       Please take this into account when scheduling the closing process. I would advise you to  plan for the process to take a few extra days. If you or your clients have established relationships with insurance agents, I don’t want to interfere with what is working. However, I am always here to help. And please take  2 minutes  to read about  five things every real