Why can’t I "just email a quote?"


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The other day, after leaving a voicemail with a potential client, I got the following email.

“Can you email me your offer?”

I think it’s important to know that my potential client holds a Ph.D. and is an engineer for a major local technology firm. He is also married with 3 children and recently purchased a very nice home in an upper-middle-class suburb. He has a lot to protect.

I left him a voicemail and then sent him the following email.

Thank you very much for considering me as your insurance professional.

I just left a voicemail.

Please know that I don’t just spin out quotes.

Insurance is like anything else: you get what you pay for. If it’s cheap, it’s cheap for a reason.

Before I go to price with any of my clients, I have a thorough discussion of current as well as recommended coverage.

Nobody “plans” on a serious claim. However, these things do happen.

If you should ever have a serious claim, and you don’t have the proper coverage it could be extremely costly for both of us. Neither of us has the time or money for that.

This can happen, by the way, even if you are not at fault.

So please provide me your FULL POLICIES on your car and home. And this does NOT mean the slip of paper that goes in your glove box, but rather your FULL policy. You can get this by calling your insurance carrier.

Once I have this information, I can make a professional recommendation.

 I look forward to serving you.

I’m going to copy and paste this every time someone asks me to “just email a quote”.


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