NEVER PLAY GAMES with uninsured and underinsured motorists coverage


“I’m an excellent driver.”

That's nice to know, Rain Man. But not everyone else is.

And what if you are hit by one of them and it turns out that they have no insurance?

This is why uninsured motorists' coverage (UM) is so important.

Or, what if they only have the state minimum limits? (Most states require a $25,000 per person minimum limit. You can burn right through this on an ambulance ride.)

This is why underinsured motorists coverage (UIM) is so important.

Certain states, such as Colorado, combine the two. Others, such as Arizona, list UM and UIM as separate line items. Other states simply list both coverages as UIM.

No matter how your state labels it, NEVER PLAY GAMES WITH UM/UIM!

You’re driving along minding your own business and obeying all the rules and, through no fault of your own, you sustain injuries.

What will your policy do?

This is where UM/UIM kicks in. UM/UIM pays for:

  • ·         Medical bills.
  • ·         Lost income.
  • ·         Pain and suffering.
  • ·         Long-term care (which is not just for seniors).
UM/UIM also pays in the event of hit and run accidents. And it CAN pay in certain cases if you are a pedestrian.

In my opinion – and I think a majority of injury attorneys will agree with me – UM/UIM is just as important as your liability coverage.

This is why even if you, like the Rain Man, are an excellent driver, you want to carry very high liability limits such as $250k/$500k or higher as the more liability you carry, the more UM/UIM coverage will be available.

Somer carriers offer a UM/UIM option on umbrella policies.

So NEVER buy auto insurance without UM/UIM, and never take UM/UIM limits that are less than your liability.

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