Three things every car sales professional needs to know about insurance

You’ve built your client’s trust. You’ve looked all over town for the car that meets their wants and needs. You’ve got them all the way to the closing table to fill out all the documents and arrange the payments.

And then you ask them about insurance.

Here’s where you need to be very, very careful.

Car insurance should NEVER be treated like fast food. Fast food is cheap and full of health risks. Cheap insurance is, likewise, full of risks.

So, how should you guide your client?

First, if possible, advise them to make their insurance arrangements as part of the buying process. Have them talk with an insurance professional beforehand. Indeed, they might have a great agent already.

Second, advise them NEVER to just “turn-and-burn” on a quote at the time of purchase. There are numerous toll-free numbers and smartphone apps where you can buy insurance. People who buy this way almost always select the cheapest options, i.e those offering the most minimal coverage.

NEVER buy insurance this way!

If they need an immediate quote, it is best that they contact their current carrier.

Third, if they are unhappy with their current agent and/or carrier, have them talk to a true insurance professional, i.e., someone who is qualified discuss, among other things, the importance of bundling car and house insurance, uninsured & underinsured motorists’ coverage, umbrella coverage, ride-share and delivery endorsements, and myriad other issues related to car insurance.

He’ll also explain why there is no such thing as “full coverage.”

The greatest likelihood that most people will ever be sued is because of a car accident. Furthermore, car accidents can be financially devastating even if the driver is not at fault. This is even more of a reason NEVER to play games with cheap insurance and to talk with a professional.

Find a financial EDUCATOR who doesn’t just crunch numbers and spin out quotes, but rather finds financial SOLUTIONS that will protect you, your business, and your family PROPERLY.

Doing so will not only help your clients but will also enhance your professional reputation.

This is what we do at EPS Insurance. My team and I Iook forward to serving you.

 Doug Newman


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