"The Excessive, Unjust Enforcement of Petty Traffic Laws Causes Too Many American To Lose their Driver's Licenses"

Credit: Chicago Tribune

This is a great article from Reason Magazine.

From this article:

"Most Americans' most frequent direct encounter with their government is through their government's agents stopping them for moving through the world in a motor vehicle in a disapproved manner, then fining them for some infraction—often one harmless to others.

"Those fines need not be (and generally are not) adjusted to any poor citizen's actual ability to pay. As a result, many Americans find themselves criminals for not being able to afford these sorts of petty fines, commonly losing the ability to drive, which often means losing the ability to make a living to pay those fines without undue hardship. This situation got so bad in Virginia that at one point, one in six licensed drivers had their licenses suspended—not over behavior that actually harmed others, but often just over not paying the state the money it was trying to mulct from them.
Another impoverishing aspect of this is the effect on insurance rates.  if you are under 21, your insurance premiums can skyrocket!

By all means, applaud the cops when they properly arrest violent criminals. But please stop this asinine business of absolutely unconditional support for all things cop.

I very rarely post anything "political" here. But cops have a lot of power to interrupt your life over totally victimless acts. They tried and failed to do this to me on the night of January 30, 2020. And this does relate to the insurance industry.

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