If you drive Lyft or Uber you NEED to review and update your insurance

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Uber & Lyft are like social media: you can hate on them all you want, but they are a permanent part of the landscape. They didn’t just change transportation, they changed how we live our lives. How many “gig” apps have been inspired by them?

Recently, we discussed the importance of insuring yourself properly for food delivery. Now, let’s talk about insuring yourself properly for Lyft and Uber.

Between the time your phone lights up with a request and the time you reach your passenger’s destination, your personal car insurance WILL NOT cover you.

If you are in an accident while doing food delivery, and your insurance company finds out, it can result in either the denial of a claim and/or the cancellation of your policy.

Also, you could have a claim that has nothing to do with delivery, e.g., hail damage. Or you could be in an accident while you are not driving Uber or Lyft. If the adjuster sees an Uber or Lyft decal on your car and starts asking questions, you could be in for a most unpleasant surprise.

What will the extra coverage cost? I don’t know for sure as it will depend on the carrier, your state, and, potentially, several other factors. In many places, it is very economical.

And make absolutely sure to get it in writing. Obtain updated policy declarations from your carrier before you turn on your app.

Don’t do another ride without reviewing and making the necessary updates on your insurance. I can help!

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