“I don’t have much STUFF, so why do I need renter’s insurance?”


George Carlin always saw the picture in 4D.

Even if you don’t have much STUFF, you still need renter’s insurance.

  1. If God forbid, you are ever accused of starting a fire, renter’s insurance can cover your liability. Some carriers offer $1 million. 
  2. The liability coverage can pay if someone is injured when visiting you. 
  3. If there is water or sewer backup in your apartment, the complex's policy may not cover the damage. The same goes for any landlord's insurance, even if you are renting a room from a friend.
  4. It pays for loss of use if you are ever put out of your dwelling due to a fire or a pipe bursting. This can include renting another room or apartment and other related expenses. 
  5. Even if you have family in the neighborhood, you will most likely have unexpected incidental expenses. 
  6. Even If you are renting a room from a friend, there is a very good chance that their homeowner’s policy will not cover your belongings, liability, loss of use, etc. 
  7. Point 6 also applies if you are renting with a roommate. Their policy may not cover you for these risks.
  8. Bundling it with your personal car insurance will almost always save you money.


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