ALWAYS keep your carrier's app and claims number in your phone

Always have your insurance carrier's app, claims number, and customer service number in your phone.

  1. Your agent may be the greatest guy on earth - I'd like to meet him - but he can't always be at his desk 24/7. And there are certain things he just can't do.
  2. In the event of a claim, it is very often wise to talk to your agent first. However, he cannot tell you exactly what the carrier will do to resolve the claim.
  3. If your agent has a book of any significant size, he may not even know who your carrier is, let alone your coverage levels.
  4. Very often, your carrier will need to talk to you, the client, directly. Recently, a client replaced one car with another. Their particular carrier required that the client contact them directly. They would only speak to the client in this situation, not the agent.
I hope this helps simplify your life.

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