How to shop for personal insurance THE RIGHT WAY


At EPS Insurance, we don’t just slam dunk a quote, bind coverage, and tell you to have a nice day. We take the time to do the job properly and professionally. As we have access to numerous carriers, we are very good at being price competitive.

However, a great price means nothing if you have a serious claim and are not covered properly. This is why we take the time to walk through every aspect of your coverage line-by-line to make sure you understand what your policy means to you.

Being “insurance poor” is no fun. Being “claim poor” is profoundly worse.

So, at EPS, we want, whenever possible to run an apples-to-apples comparison with your current policies. You may have a great policy with very high coverage limits and we need to match that. There is a wrong way and a right way to obtain this information.

THE WRONG WAY involves looking all over your house – or, worse yet, having your spouse do the looking – in an attempt to find these documents. DON’T DO THIS!

THE RIGHT WAY is much simpler and stress-free: 

  1. CALL YOUR CARRIER and ask them to EMAIL your FULL CURRENT POLICIES. This means all of them, i.e., your car, home, umbrella, boat, rental, etc. You can also obtain this information from their website or app.
  2. Bundle car and house insurance whenever at all possible. 99.9 percent of the time it will save you money!
  3. And make sure that they email you your FULL CURRENT AUTO POLICY, and NOT just the slip that you put in your glove box.
  4. Once you have this information, please email it to me at
  5. Also, please provide the date of birth and driver's license number of all licensed drivers in the household.
  6. Once we have this information, we will want to do a 15-20 minute call to go over several questions which will help us tailor a policy to your specific needs.
  7. Please answer all calls, emails, and texts from your agent within 24 hours. And check emails at least once a day.
Then we will shop for the right coverage for you and your family and do it the right way.

And if you don't have time for this, do you have time to have a serious claim and find out that that policy you bought online won't cover you?

“Why didn’t you tell me?” is the one question you should never have to ask and one question your insurance agent should never have to answer.

We look forward to serving you.

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