How to shop for business insurance THE RIGHT WAY

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Let’s talk about the RIGHT WAY to shop for business insurance.

Commercial policies can sometimes take a few weeks to underwrite. So, the first rule is to allow 30 days lead time for a quote on a new venture and 60 days lead time for a quote on an existing venture. So, plan accordingly.

EPS Insurance does not just “ballpark” insurance quotes. Nor does any professional agency. We review your current policies line-by-line in order to match or, better yet, enhance your current coverage.

And these are not "our" requirements, but the requirements of the dozens of leading carriers we represent.

So, the first things we need are all your full current policies. By this, we mean the FULL policies and not just the certificates of insurance. (If you are a new business or business entity, you can obviously skip this step.)

And unlike personal insurance, we cannot pull your claims history – i.e., your loss runs - digitally. (I hate this as much as you do.) You will need to retrieve it yourself.

So how do you do this?

THE WRONG WAY involves looking all over your office – or, worse yet, having someone else do the looking – in an attempt to find these documents. DON’T DO THIS!

THE RIGHT WAY is much simpler and stress-free: 

  1. If you are an established business, please CALL YOUR CARRIER and ask them to EMAIL your FULL CURRENT POLICIES – this means all of them. You may also be able to obtain this information digitally on the web or on your carrier's app if they have one.
  2. And please make sure that they email you your FULL CURRENT POLICIES, and NOT just the certificates of insurance.
  3. Also, ask YOUR CARRIERS for your loss runs, i.e., claims history – on every policy.
  4. If you are a new business or business entity, the above points obviously do not apply.
  5. There may well be other required information, depending on the nature of the risk.
  6. Once you have this information, please email it to me at
  7. You will also most likely need to walk through 2 or more questionnaires. So please allow 30-60 minutes for this phone call.
  8. Once we have this information, we will approach dozens of leading carriers to find the coverage that is right for your business, and to do so at the most economical price.
  9. Please answer all calls, emails, and texts from your agent within 24 hours. And please check emails twice a day.
And if you say don't have time for this, do you have time to have a serious claim and find out that that policy you bought online won't cover you?

Why didn’t you tell me?” is the one question you should never have to ask and one question your insurance agent should never have to answer.

We look forward to serving you.

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